DaSGoE Media is an independent entertainment company founded by Daniel S. Goldman, and covers a wide range of entertainment genres, including VTubing and game development.

Shuu’s Inn

Much of the content on this site centers around Shuu’s Inn, our virtual bed and breakfast, run by the proprietor, Shuu. The lovely Arcadium bot runs security and makes sure that no trouble makers ruin the fun. And Geoff, the boisterous halfling bard just spends his time drinking.

We’ll have a bunch of art for Shuu’s Inn, and one day we plan on releasing a full web comic. Until then, you can check out our stream on Twitch.

Twitter (18+ content): @vasshu131

The First Church of Penguinism

This project started a long time ago as a joke between myself and my nephew. I let it sit on the back burner for years, but decided to finally expand it into a full project. FCoP is a lot of fun. It’s full of humor, but the real goal is to use it to talk about science, philosophy, and religion.

Site: The First Church of Penguinism
Twitter: @TPenguinism
Facebook: FCoPenguinism

Art NFTs

NFTs are an interesting way to create and move art. A purely digital piece of art can be replicated numerous times, but with NFTs you know what the “real” version is, as opposed to a counterfeit based on its origin.

To make sure you’re getting DaSGoE originals, check out the DaSGoE Official A-NFT List.


Twitter: @DaSGoEMedia